Vibrating Platform

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Vibrating Platform
The Liposales Vibrating Platform is now available for all your fat separation needs!

The Vibrating Platform gives you full control over the fat separation process thanks to its intuitive system. With two different frequencies and a setting dial, harvested fat will be separated cleanly and efficiently no matter the volume. For best results, our Vibrating Platform is best used with Liposales’ 2000cc and 3000cc canisters, as their polysulfone surface ensures no fat, tissue, or fluids stick to the sides.

Each purchase of the this product comes with:

  • One (1) Vibrating Platform, compatible with all Type 1 and 3, 2000cc and 3000cc Liposales canisters

The lifecycle of our reusable products (canisters, cannulas, and accessories) is undefined and highly dependent on the frequency of use, preferred cleaning method, and storage conditions, among other factors. For other concerns, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.








2000cc, 3000cc

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2 reviews for Vibrating Platform

  1. Dr. Larry Baum

    This product gets 5*s from me and my colleagues. Looking forward to Liposales’ future offers.

  2. Lysander

    I usually pair this up with a centrifuge separation. The vibrating platform coupled with the
    great canisters offered by Liposales means I can separate large volumes of fat and the
    centrifuge is additional separation on top of that. I pretty much get only the purest fat and stem
    cells, and I can say with confidence the patients that used double-separated fat for grafting
    showed better results almost immediately.