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Power Assisted Liposuction Package

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Nouvag’s LipoSurg System is created for a convenient Power Assisted Liposuction machine that combines high-infiltration performance with electrically assisted traditional liposuction. This is achieved with its powerful integrated peristaltic pump, together with the innovative Conform Cannula Handpiece. The optimized infiltration, reciprocating action, and visibility of work are made possible by the combination of these features in an all-in-one device perfect for daily use.

What’s Included in the Package?

Nouvag LipoSurg: Unique Features

  • Multifunctional, lightweight digital monitor with a high contrast and easy-to-see display, and keys for precise and on-the-fly control of infiltration and liposuction settings
  • Compatibility with Conform Cannula Handpiece, a new innovation featuring an optimized handle and improved suction power
  • High-volume infiltration pump that can perform between 40 – 400 mL/min, is integrated into the console to provide a quiet yet top notch performance
  • Foot pedal that gives you full control of the Liposurg machine, such as the power handle and peristaltic pump.
  • Small footprint with smooth edge design and autoclavable materials that makes the parts easy to clean

Nouvag LipoSurg vs. Other Brands

Nouvag LipoSurgOther Brands
Electric consumption115V – 230V100V – 240V
Infiltration pump flow rate40-400 mL/minN/A
Pump Pressure2.0 barN/A
Cannula through2.0 mm3.0 mm
Cannula stroke frequency2700 – 4200 strokes/min4000 strokes/min
Cannula motorElectronic motor, autoclavableEngine motor, autoclavable
Reinject FatYesNo
Field serviceableYesNo
Warranty18 months12 months

How To Use the Product

  1. Assemble the power handle and attach cannula
  2. Plug-in the power handle and foot pedal
  3. Assemble and attach IV delivery system
  4. Press the INFIL-key, LIPO-key or both to determine the mode of the machine
  5. Use the foot pedal to turn on/off the peristaltic pump and/or power handle
  6. Attach aspiration tubing and begin liposuction
  7. Attached tubing and begin fat grafting
  8. Wipe down the electronic parts to clean them
  9. Autoclave and sterilize the compatible parts before and after each use

Weight16 lbs

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1 review for Power Assisted Liposuction Package

  1. Dr. P. Hsu

    This item is very durable and reliable. Great product and equally great post-purchase customer service provided by Liposales.