Type 1 “3000cc” Canister

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The heavy duty Type 1 3000cc Canister is now available from Liposales!

These fully reusable, high-quality canisters are made for 100 autoclave cycles. Each canister
comes equipped with a specialized luer port designed for all your fat drainage and extraction

Our Type 1 3000cc Canisters are made from polysulfone, giving them a smooth surface that
makes fat separation and drainage easy. Cleaning is made simple thanks to steam or traditional
autoclave techniques.

Each purchase of our Type 1 3000cc Canister Packages includes one (1) high-quality 3000cc
fat collection canister.

Liposales offers multiple products specially designed for use with our Type 1 containers:
Power Assisted Lipo Handle designed for ease of fat extraction
Infiltration pumps and tubing designed for tumescent and fat re-injection
Aspirators and tubings designed for efficient fat extraction

Weight1.2 lbs
Dimensions14 × 6 × 6 in
Pressure Tested

Over -900mmHg









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1 review for Type 1 “3000cc” Canister

  1. Dr. Chris Salgado

    I used the canister I ordered minutes after delivery. It’s as simple as taking the bundle out of the box then setting it up near the patient for fat harvesting. I especially appreciate the smooth surface of the canisters, as it helps the fat separate easier. And the included side luer is excellent for injections as well.