Type 1 “2000cc” Canister Package

SKU: FC-12000

2 Reviews

Total Cost: $900.00


Fat Collection & Separation Package, comes complete with: 2000cc canister with side luer port, large lid, overflow protection cone, universal metal aspirator coupler with “O” rings, 6″ (15cm) silicone tubing extension with male & female metal luer fittings and thumb lock, custom stand with detachable legs

Weight2.6 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 9 in






Pressure Tested

Over -900mmHg

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2 reviews for Type 1 “2000cc” Canister Package

  1. Dr. K. Fisher

    Absolutely perfect customer service! The team fielded every inquiry I had, helping me come to an informed decision that led to my purchases. These packages are perfect for any young surgeon starting their own practice, and even established practices seeking to update their equipment.

  2. Dr. E. Roth

    Liposales handled the hospital’s order with care, and delivered all our ordered products on time. The actual usage is pretty great as well, thanks to the convenient side luers. The smooth surface ensured that the harvested fat stayed together instead of clumping on the sides, and that makes separation for fat injection much, much simpler. Will definitely be ordering again.